Amazing Pics of Things That You Cannot Normally See With the Naked Eye

Funnyzela Stuff November 20, 2012 0

FEI, a company that manufactures microscopes, regularly holds a macro photo contest in which entrants must submit pictures of things that cannot be seen without magnification. Here is a selection of a few of the entries into the competition for 2012.

Porous structure of ground coffee


The texture of the spider skin


The human intestine containing hundreds of differend kinds of bacteria


Curved silica crystals




Pollen of Ranunculus acris


Tungsten filament of a household incandescent lamp


Hepatitis B virus core with 3D reconstruction overlay


Embryonic zebrafish


Silver clusters deposited by thermal evaporation onto self-assembled polystyrene nano-spheres (900 nm).


Dust Mite


Moss, a host for methane eating bacteria


Aphid on a leaf




Mouse kidney fractured


Cracked grain of corn showing the starch within the cells


Aedes aegypti mosquito egg


A live aphid Chaitophorus sp. on populus alba leaf


E. coli negatively stained


Geranium dissectum pollination


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